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Total min. cost $57.90 when you BYO Compatible Modem^ T&C's apply.⁺

Get Low cost NBN in Wiawera, 5440.

Stream unlimited video and work faster in Wiawera, 5440 thanks to Kogan Internet’s low cost nbn™ plans. Join Kogan Internet for low cost nbn™ plans that deliver less lag with your internet connection, so you can worry about the important things. Available in Wiawera, 5440 now, stream unlimited video and work faster with low cost nbn™ plans from Kogan Internet. Speeds may vary~.

~ Internet speeds on this plan are variable and you will typically experience slower speeds than the maximum connection speed available, particularly during peak times (7pm-11pm). For FTTB/FTTN/FTTC technology, max. speeds confirmed once connected. For more information on what will impact your speed, please refer to our Speed Guide.

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Kogan nbn™ month-to-month plans

Kogan nbn™ available in selected areas. *Fair Use Policy Applies.

^Kogan nbn™ month-to-month plans: Subject to service qualification check. Kogan nbn™ is a data only service that provides you with internet access via the National Broadband Network or nbn™. It is not compatible with your home phone line service meaning you may no longer be able to use your landline (or existing phone number) for calls after you sign-up, depending on your technology type. Kogan nbn™ service may also impact or interfere with existing technology, devices or services at your premises including medical devices, alarms, eftpos machines, lift emergency phones and some email or fax services. Minimum monthly spend for month 1 is $57.90 (Bronze nbn™ 25, BYO modem), $65.90 (Silver nbn™ 50, optional free modem), $75.90 (Gold nbn™ 100 offer, optional free modem). Minimum monthly spend for month 2 onwards is: $57.90 (Bronze nbn™ 25), $65.90 (Silver nbn™ 50), $75.90 (Gold nbn™ 100 offer for first 6 months comprised of the non-discounted price minus a discount of $10 per month), $85.90 (Gold nbn™ 100 offer month 7 onwards). Minimum monthly spends are calculated based on current pricing which may change over time. The option to receive a Kogan Internet Modem for free ($0) is available to new Kogan Internet customers only, when you sign up to Silver (nbn™ 50) or Gold (nbn™ 100) plans and stay connected for at least one month. You will be charged $69 for the Kogan Internet Modem if you elect to receive a modem and sign up to Bronze (nbn™ 25), or if you sign up to Silver (nbn™ 50) or Gold (nbn™ 100) plan and stay connected for less than one month. Free Modem Offer can be changed or withdrawn at any time. Total minimum cost excludes any additional costs for call outs when there is a missed appointment or where no fault is found or the $300 New Development Charge that is triggered when you live in a new development. You must connect for a minimum of one month. Recurring monthly plan fees are charged until the end of the month in which you notify that you wish to cancel. You will be charged for using your plan from the point of nbn™ activation at your premises.

⁺Kogan Gold nbn™ 100 offer: Kogan Internet has the right to extend, change, or withdraw the offer at any time. Discount available to approved new Kogan nbn™ customers subject to a service qualification check (‘Eligible Customers’), and existing Kogan Bronze nbn™, Kogan Silver nbn™ customers who sign-up to a Kogan Gold nbn™ 100 month-to-month plan ($10 off plan fees). Discount is applied months 1 until month 6 (inclusive) if you remain continuously connected (‘Discount Period’). Applied as a recurring monthly credit. If you cancel your Kogan nbn™ service during the Discount Period, credit applicable to the month of cancellation will be forfeited. Min monthly spend is $75.90 (with optional free modem). After the Discount Period, min monthly spend is $85.90 (undiscounted plan fee). Must stay connected for at least one month.

Kogan Internet Modem: The Kogan Internet Modem supports up to 50 compatible Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously. The modem will support nbn™ technology types provided by Kogan Internet.

BYO Compatible Modem: If you elect to supply your own modem to use with the Kogan Internet Service it must be a Compatible Modem. To see if your modem is compatible please see here. If you do supply your own modem, Kogan Internet will not be able to assist you with any troubleshooting or modem related issues you experience.

*Unlimited data: Services subject to number of devices connected, network coverage and your location. Fair Use Policy applies see

NBN 25/50/100: This speed is an off-peak measure only for more information on speed tiers and to further understand and compare plans please see our Speed Guide for more information.

~Speed: The performance and speed of your service depends on a number of factors such as: plan choice, location, the number of devices connected to your network, modem type and positioning, Wi-Fi performance, in-building wiring, content accessed, the nbn™ technology used to deliver your service, our network and internet traffic demand. You will typically experience slower speeds than the maximum connection speed available on your plan. Typical Evening Speed: This is the typical evening period download speed that the average consumer can expect to receive between 7pm and 11pm. It is not a guaranteed minimum speed and you may experience lower speeds during this period and at other times. Speed will vary on a number of factors such as technology type, plan choice and internet traffic demand. For FTTB/N/C technology, max. speeds confirmed once connected. For more information on speed please refer to our Speed Guide.

¹Kogan Internet Price Pledge: To claim under the Kogan Internet NBN Price Pledge, you must submit the request through the online form. The comparison must be of the actual price you paid to Kogan Internet compared to an offer that; is from an approved major telco only: Telstra, TPG, Optus, Dodo, iiNet, iPrimus, Internode; Has identical inclusions such as unlimited data, and uses the same underlying nbn™ speed (ie. 12/1, 25/5, 50/20, 100/40); is a month-to-month offer (not a long term contract); has no exit fees; is not a contingent price that is only accessible if you also purchase other services from the other provider; and Is a widely advertised market offer available at the same time and not a targeted promotion. You must stay connected to Kogan Internet for at least one month in order to be eligible to claim under Kogan Internet's NBN Price Pledge. If you qualify for and validly claim the Kogan Internet NBN Price Pledge, you will be issued with a voucher for the value of double the difference between the monthly Kogan Internet price you paid and the monthly price of the valid offer you submitted. The Kogan Internet voucher will be valid for 3 months from the date it is issued to you. Each customer may only claim the Kogan Internet NBN Price Pledge a maximum of once. Kogan Internet reserves the right to amend or withdraw the offer at any time but this withdrawal will not apply to customers who submit their claims validly prior to the withdrawal of the offer or for two weeks after the withdrawal of the offer.

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