Direct Debit Service Agreement

Kogan nbn™ is provided by Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Ltd on direct debit via credit card only. Your Direct Debit Request Service Agreement found here explains what your rights and obligations are when setting up a direct debit arrangement and also details what Vodafone’s obligations are to you. Please keep this agreement for future reference as it forms part of the terms and conditions of your direct debit request.

Some changes to the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement apply for Kogan nbn™ services including the following:

  • Kogan Internet Customer Care can be contacted on 1300 010 400 for any notices, changes or queries
  • Bills are issued via email and the due date for each bill will be at least 3 Business Days from the date of issue
  • Account means credit card
  • Any credit card changes for Direct Debit are required 1 Business day before payment due date